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Benjamin Kesler about what kind of content to create and how to engage with your hiring managers to make them Employer Brand ambassadors

Den 16 november kl 8.30 vill vi hälsa dig varmt välkommen till avsnitt #27 av Wise Professionals webbinarserie Wiseful Learning. Den här gången är vi glada att få presentera Benjamin Kesler, co-founder till Local Glimpse, en Employer Branding Creative Agency.

”Picture this. You are an experienced product owner scrolling through your linkedIn feed to see what your connections are up to. You also follow a few of your favourite companies. Some of which you might want to work for one day. Most of the posts you see are people writing “WE ARE HIRING!”. This message has the equivalent efficiency as someone telling you “WE ARE SELLING!” as you enter your favourite shop. You are aware. What you want to know is how this product will help you in your daily life.

Creating content just to say that you are hiring has very little to no impact. Good employer branding content gives candidates an insight into what is it like working at your company. Great employer branding content provides tangible value to the candidates to get them interested. And who better than the hiring managers to be the provider of this value?

In this webinar, I will cover what kind of content to create and how to engage with your hiring managers to make them employer brand ambassadors.

My name is Benjamin Kesler, I run the employer branding agency called Local Glimpse where we focus on creating authentic content that candidates can relate to.”